Friday, December 3, 2010

"Gentleman: A man who buys two of the same morning paper from the doorman of his favorite nightclub when he leaves with his girl."-Marlene Dietrich

Hey everyone!
Sorry for the brief hiatus. School has been crazy, but come winter break I will have loads of new things to share. So, unfortunately my words will be brief, but I just had to share this! Remember a while back I said to look out for my commissioned piece? Well, it has been released, and I can now share the artwork that I did for the G-Men's new Album, "Disc in a Box!" The G-Men are one of the best a capella groups on campus in my biased opinion. If you go to U of M I highly recommend seeing their concert this Saturday (and picking up a CD!) If you can't make it, at least listen to their cover of The Beatles' "Yesterday" on facebook.

Have an awesome and productive weekend.
And if you're celebrating, Happy Chanukah!